Why Tasty Pixels?

Great Reputation

We have solid a reputation in several spheres of Australian small business and Non-Government Organisations. We’ve built our reputation on professional pride, fairness, listening to our customers and offering advice based on decades in the design business. We take pride in delivering work that lives up to our reputation and wont release work that is not up to scratch.

Quality Design

Our design philosophy is built around a simple rule: Don’t let the design distract from the content. We don’t let our egos get in the way of your message. You need to have a clean design that sells your professionalism and draws visitors into your message by instilling empathy and confidence. Designing easy to navigate sites and helping visitors to know that they can find all the information they want is a given at Tasty Pixels. All our sites employ elements and features which will guide your visitors to your contact details. More »

Affordable Pricing

There are plenty of “cheap professional websites” and “free templates” out there and your opposition isn’t using them! A cheap website will always, always show and the first impression potential customers will get is that you are cheap or shoddy in some way. On the other hand, there are also plenty of sharks circling who charge a great deal more for websites than is either practical or affordable for the average small business or organisation. We occupy the middle ground, where quality web sites and affordable pricing meet.

Easy Content Management System

You will love our easy to use custom Content Management Manual. If you can use the basic functions in Microsoft Word, you can easily manage the content on your site. We offer all the training you will need and are always there to support you if and when you strike a glitch. Contact us if you want a no obligation peek at what our content management system looks like.

Great Training & Support

Let’s face it . . . no matter how good your Content Management System is, things can and will go wrong sooner or later. If you run into problems, leave the worry to us. Give us a call and we’ll help you through.

We Run a Sustainable Office

We want a better world, so we wouldn’t have it any other way. We run a paperless office that’s run on solar power, and contribute to Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutral plants six trees on our behalf for every new customer, calculated to offset one tonne of Carbon Dioxide over the course of the lives of those trees.

We Don’t Outsource

We have integrity and believe in fair trade, not exploitation. You appreciated our unique blend of talents and know-how and came to us for the job, so we believe it would be deceitful all round to pay someone in the Third World chicken feed to build the site you paid us good money for. We are the ones who will do all your work.

Why use Tasty Pixels?

1. Our Great Reputation
2. Quality Design
3. Affordable Pricing
4. Easy Content Management System
5. Great Training & Support
6. We Run a Sustainable Office
7. We Don't Outsource
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Our Commitment to you

Our business means a lot to us and we understand that you feel the same about your business.

We know how much you depend on what we can do for you now and into the future and we share your passion, commitment and sense of urgency. We'll work with you like a business partner.

We're with you for the long haul
We will be there for you as your needs evolve or if any issues ever arise with your site.

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