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THE BEST reasons why WordPress has become the world’s choice for Content Management:

  • WordPress is so flexible that practically any design can be built into its structure.
  • WordPress is so easy to learn how to update.
  • If you can use MS Word and any email pacakge you have all the skills required.
  • WordPress can be designed to display brilliantly on smart phones and tablets.

Birding NSW

Birding NSW is one of New South Wales’ most prominent recreational bird watching and conservation organisations but their site was old, looked very much past its used by date and failed to represent them and their activities in an enticing manner. Tasty Pixels was called in to spruce up their image and convey the passion which their members feel for birds, nature and conservation in a way that would build enthusiasm for their activities to members and visitors.

We built a site which played to the strong suit of birds – their beauty – with a large animated banner featuring some of NSW’s most beautiful, loved and interesting birds. Each banner image holds text which encourages enthusiasm and calls the site visitor to action. The remainder of the site is kept clean, efficient and, of course, “Google friendly”. View this site now »


Careful Movers

Careful Movers is a home removalist and rubbish removal business based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. This is an extremely competitive business in the most competitive city in Australia, requiring a stringent approach to produce the most “Google friendly” site possible. SEO will also be required in order for Careful Movers to match it with their opponents.

This site was crafted to build confidence and broad appeal among site visitors and includes scrolling moving tips and testimonials. View this site now »


Environs Kimberley

Environs Kimberley is the peak Non-Government conservation and environmental management organisation in the Kimberley region in North Western Australia.

When creating this WordPress site we drew on the rich colour pallet of the region to tune into the mood of the love that the local people have for their unique part of the world. Managing the content on this site is as easy as it is on the eye and came with an easy to follow custom Content Management Manual. View this site now »


Asia Pacific Shorebird Network

The Asia Pacific Shorebird Network is a broad range of conservation, research and on the ground managers who are working to conserve migratory shorebird and their dwindling habitats in the region.

We created the logo for this organisation and then built a stunning WordPress site which is clean, easily approachable and features a vertical menu with “fly-out” sub-menu tabs – permitting plenty of space for future expansion of the site. The site is incredibly easy for the owners to manage and, like all our WordPress sites, comes with a custom Content Management Manual. View this site now »


Shorebirds 2020

Birds Australia is the peak Non Government Organisation for the scientific study of birds, conservation and recreational birdwatching in Australia. Shorebirds 2020 is a nationwide conservation effort aimed at collecting data on the status of shorebird populations in wetlands across Australia.

The site is laden with learning aids, technical details, maps, charts and diagrams to assist in the training and participation of shorebird enthusiasts across the continent. Tasty Pixels created a clean, attractive site, which is easy to navigate. It is built in a WordPress environment, making it easy for the office staff at Birds Australia to update the content as required. View this site.


Freshwater Cove

Freshwater Cove is the site of Australia’s most remote coastal camp. Most visitors are keen sports fisherman seeking out an adventure in this totally wild corner of the country. However, “the cove” also offers cultural and wildlife tours and some of the best whale watching tours in the world. Camp Manager, Peter Tucker, approached us with the desire to have a site which would communicate the feel of the location, and the connection one feels to the vast antiquity of this part of the world. However, he also wanted to connect with potential customers in their own language.

Tasty Pixels created a new logo for Freshwater Cove, conveying the primitive feel of the landscape, it’s primary interest – fishing – and echoing the method that many indigenous artists of the region use for depicting stars. The site itself is an eye-grabbing fusion of primitive and clean and modern. It features beautiful imagery displayed in Flash banners with sophisticated and highly appealing transitions. The whole package is contained in a custom WordPress format, making it dead easy for Peter to maintain a news page, update his image gallery and stay on top of his booking schedule. View this site.


Macquarie Marshes Environmental Trust

The Macquarie Marshes is one of Australia’s largest and most iconic inland wetlands, famous for its mass breeding events of waterfowl and ecological complexity. In recent decades the marshes have been suffering from a number of environmental and management issues and are now a shadow of their former selves.

Local farmers have formed the Macquarie Marshes Environmental Trust to purchase large sections of the marshes and restore them as centres for education and conservation. The Trust approached us with a desire to create a logo and website which would convey their message, assist in fundraising and be easy for them to maintain. We responded with a logo design depicting one of the more iconic resident birds against an abstract reed background and a custom WordPress site which draws on the colours of the marshes and uses flash presentations of their activities and wildlife.

The entire package lends the credibility required for Trust to present themselves to all levels of government and instil confidence in potential investors. View this site.


Link Locksmiths

Link Locksmiths is a busy enterprise offering their services to the Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower North Shore. Their previous site was built using a Content Management System which let them down. We were approached to construct a replacement site as a great urgency. We crafted the site in a WordPress environment, turning the job around in a couple of days.

This good looking and simple to manage site is set up to take every advantage of Search Engine Optimisation, as it’s a highly competitive business environment View this site.


Standards Search Engine Friendly Websites

WITH THE USE OF CSS, XHTML, PHP and a little Javascript there’s little that we can’t make for you in the way of stunning web sites which will draw your visitors into a complete experience of your message.

Artarmon Vision Specialists

Artarmon Vision Specialists are an Optometrists on Sydney’s North Shore. Tasty Pixels was approached to create a website which invoked a sense of fashion and style which would attract a very broad local community. The result is an innovative site featuring a full screen scaleable background and semitransparency which brings a very fresh, cool and stylish feel to the interface.

This site features all of the latest in SEO design specs, guaranteed to deliver a high Google ranking (Google “Glasses Chatswood” or “Contact Lenses Chatswood”). Visit this site and share the inspiration!


Getabout Oz

Getabout Oz is one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s major car, 4WD, campervan and motorhome  rental agencies. This business has worked with a somewhat tired old tables-based design for around 15 years. We created their look from the ground up.

Their new site has a sense of holiday fun from the beginning, with a sunny pallete, happy logo and cheery icons throughout. Navigation has been vastly simplified on this version, ensuring that visitors know immediately that they’re going to be able to find what they want in an instant. View this site.


Tranquil Loft

Tranquil Loft is a complimentary therapy and massage clinic in Woolooware, on Sydney’s southern beaches. This site is crafted to reflect the serene atmoshpere of the Tranquil Loft and convey a professional image to site visitors. Half of all customers find this business through Google (Google “Cronulla Massage” now).

We capitalised on the strong sense of local identity in Cronulla by employing a range of images from the locality within the site in order to instil the sense that the Tranquil Loft is part of the local culture and is the natural destination for locals requiring massage therapy. View this site.


GMN Service

GMN Service is a bookkeeping business operating out of the northern districts of Sydney. Tasty Pixels was approached with a brief for a simple site which would convey an image of professionalism, integrity and know-how. The site is pitched at small and large business, so a solid, but simple corporate style was preferred.

The result is a simple site with a graphical motif which evokes of mood of bringing order from chaos and the use of lots of white space to ensure that visitors feel invited to read the text content. View this site and see how effective simplicity can be.


Flash Websites, site components and Flash Banners

FLASH HAS come of age and is now Google friendly! With it’s “sky is the limit” animation capability and interactive functionality, Flash is a great tool for drawing attention to areas of your site and for creating teaching aids. We have ways around the invisibility of Flash on iPhones and iPads.

  • As a general rule, we no longer recommend the use of full Flash websites.


Tarot is a small “on-the-side” concern of the Tranquil Loft, for which Tasty Pixels created a complete standards-based site. The owner, and Tarot Master, Suzanne Ward  approached us to build a site which would draw visitors into an experience of a Tarot reading.

The result is an extremely engaging Flash site which uses the striking imagery of Tarot cards and a card flipping menu to draw visitors into a full experience of this Suzanne’s message. View this site, but beware, the card flipping menu is totally addictive.

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