How we produce the best site for you

Google friendliness

The best site in the world is of little value if nobody can see it. We research the searching habits of your potential market on major search engines and build their keywords into your site. We know how search engines scan your sites for context and we construct the features of your site accordingly. If your site needs additional Search Engine Optimisation, we have partners who can help you.

Selling your professionalism

Your site must look like you have the ability to deliver and it must convey this fact in a couple of seconds. Fail to do this and your competitors will get the business. Tasty Pixels produces sites that are beyond the cheap templates and are up with the latest in design trends and consumer values. Our sites will win you business!

Information at the user’s fingertips

Internet users want to see that they can find all the information that they want quickly and easily or they will leave your site. We know what to put in a menu, what elements to place on your home page and how to structure your site so that users can find what they need to know.

Empathy and enticement

Sell yourself first and then sell your products! We buy off people whom we trust. We trust those with whom we can relate. We work with you to understand your business and your market so that your site builds a sense of “my kind of people” with your market.

Designing for readability

Cluttered, over designed sites obscure your message. We balance graphic elements which display your values with structure and typography that draws your site visitors into your message. Clean, uncluttered sites will help take your visitors to a purchasing decision.

Quick information

We use typography and graphic elements to get your message across quickly. We say it all in the headings for those who like to scan and say a little more for people like you, who want some details. Either way, we take your site visitors on the journey to a purchasing decision.

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Why use Tasty Pixels?

1. Our Great Reputation
2. Quality Design
3. Affordable Pricing
4. Easy Content Management System
5. Great Training & Support
6. We Run a Sustainable Office
7. We Don't Outsource
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Our Commitment to you

Our business means a lot to us and we understand that you feel the same about your business.

We know how much you depend on what we can do for you now and into the future and we share your passion, commitment and sense of urgency. We'll work with you like a business partner.

We're with you for the long haul
We will be there for you as your needs evolve or if any issues ever arise with your site.

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